A game created for GameOff Jam 2018. A hybrid of grand strategy games like Civilization or Europa Universalis and card/tabletop games like RISK. Since there is no diplomacy, I can proudly say that is also contains a popular Battle Royale mode.

Start a new nation. Be lucky and destroy your opponents. Make perfect decisions and be the best! 

Use cards, plan your economy and create new history.
Ex Populo

How to play? Simply drag and drop cards on regions. If card doesn't specify a region, use it anywhere but in friendly region. If it is offensive, use it on enemy region. If you have too many useless cards, drag them onto red circle to get in exchange 1 random resource.

It may be laggy at bigger maps and with many AI oppponents.

I use music made by xXUnderTowerXx, Matthew Pablo,  Aitua, Kimiko Ishizaka and HorrorPen. I do not claim to have made songs by myself.  

Card images are from public domain.


ExPopuloGame.rar 51 MB
ExPopuloGame32.rar 52 MB

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